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Agent-Intercept _ PC Game Free Download


Agent Intercept originally started life out as a mobile game, but it has now made the jump to Steam and thanks to being able to play this with a proper controller. It is far more fun than it was on my old iPad. This is a short arcade style of game that does not overstay its welcome, but it is the kind of thing that is a lot of fun while it lasts.
Agent-Intercept | PC Games Download | High Compressed Game Download
Driving Saves The World
There is a fun plot at play here in the game. In the campaign of Agent Intercept, you are an agent and you and your epic driving (and boating) skills are all that stand in the way between an evil criminal organization called, Claw taking over the world. They have advanced tech and vehicles and only you have the skills and the know-how to put a stop to them.
Agent Intercept | High Compressed Game | Torrent Game

It is pretty fun stuff and while not super deep by any means. I do feel that the bits of story the campaign throws your way gives you a good reason to be doing what you are doing. The whole collecting intel thing during a mission just adds to the whole agent/spy thing and I thought that was pretty cool.

Agent Intercept | High Compressed Game | Torrent Game

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